What on earth is this Unfortunately Not Inaugural Gameday stuff all about, then?

You’ve come to the right place to find out.

Let us explain:

We had planned for May 9 to be the date of our inaugural game at TCU School Field.

A special day that would culminate in an exhibition game bringing the community together for the very first time in support of their new club.

Understandably that wonโ€™t now be happening.

However, we are excited to announce that teams from around the world have agreed not to play us instead and the aim is for supporters to come together to stage a virtual tailgate on what would have been the date of South Bend Lionsโ€™ inaugural game.

So thanks to these great folk from around the world, we’re gearing up for an even more special day on May 9.

We’re selling commemorative etickets from both repthebend.com for $1 (buy as many as you want) for the games that wonโ€™t be played.

Proceeds raised will be utilized to provide support to COVID-19 relief funds in Indiana.

Here are some of the teams involved:

Indy Eleven (USA)

Please click here to read the story on indyeleven.com

โ€œEven though we cannot link up on the field, weโ€™re proud to support South Bendโ€™s efforts to grow the sport of soccer and the United Soccer League in Indiana and look forward to more collaboration in the future โ€“ including a proper match.โ€

Martin RENNIE (Indy Eleven Head Coach)

Visahka Football Club (Cambodia)

Oxford United (England)

Please click here to read the story on oufc.co.uk

York9 Football Club (Canada)

Please click here to read the story on york9fc.canpl.ca

FC Mumbaikars (India)

Maryland Bobcats (USA)

Forward Madison (USA)

Please click here to read the story on forwardmadisonfc.com

The verdict from the soccer world: